Get Paid Weekly

L’BRI Consultants receive checks throughout the month and as often as every week.


Monthly Bonus Checks (Retailing Bonus, Sponsoring Bonus, Management Bonus, Car Bonus, and Spin Off Bonus) are direct deposited to your bank account the second Thursday of the month for the previous month’s activity.

Earn a FREE Car! 

Strive to become a L’BRI Executive Manager and you can be driving a brand new Nissan.
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QUICK START BONUSES: To encourage success in your first three months, you can earn FREE L’BRI products, and cash bonuses. Read More

PROMOTION BONUS:  When a Consultant you sponsor promotes to Supervisor or above you will receive a $100 to $1,000 Promotion Bonus. Read More

BANK ON IT SAVINGS PLAN: Every time you promote to the next level in the Marketing Plan starting with Supervisor and stay qualified at your level L’BRI will save in the bank for you from $50 to $300 per month.
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FREE VACATIONS:  By consistently working your business, you can earn our annual Founders Club Trip, including airfare, to exotic locations Jamaica and Puerto Vallarta. You can also qualify each year for our Mini-Trip to fun destinations such as New York City, San Francisco and Las Vegas. Read More

FREE CAR: Become a L’BRI Executive Manager and you can DRIVE a brand new Nissan Altima, Murano or the amazing Crossover Nissan Rogue. Imagine cruising the highway in your very own Nissan, a distinctive symbol of your L’BRI business success. Read More

Qualified Consultants & Roll Up 

Only Qualified Consultants are eligible to receive monthly bonus checks. To be qualified, a Consultant must have at least $150 in retail sales volume (accumulative) during the month.

Roll Up occurs when a Consultant is not qualified ($150 in retail sales volume) in a particular month. Consultants they sponsored Roll Up to the next Qualified Consultant, who then receives any bonuses accordingly.

Weekly & Monthly Bonus Checks. You will receive the weekly commission for product sales and Consultant discount according to your title (Consultant, Supervisor, Manager, Executive Manager), you will be paid the monthly bonus based on the title you fully qualify for in the corresponding month. Example, Supervisor is 4 or more personally sponsored qualified Consultants and $3,000 in total group retail sales. If you are not fully qualified at your title you will be paid the monthly bonuses at the level you achieved.

Retail Sales Value
All figures are based on the RETAIL SALES VALUE.
Qualified is $150 in retail sales volume (accumulative) in a month.
Fully qualified is having the appropriate number of qualified personally sponsored Consultants and group retail sales volume in the month for your position/title.