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Resources, tools and more!

From your Business Center to L’BRI Connect and everything in-between, there’s a ton of product information, training, resources and more just waiting for you.

Business Center

Business Center

Your Business dashboard with access to all the tools, resources and updates you need to run your business. Your Business Center Resources included a special section for monthly specials and promotions.

Watch your Business Center news feed for time-sensitive alerts related to system or product updates.

Learning Center In-depth product information, host coaching, party tools and downloadable images. Visit your Monthly Toolbox for the latest information on specials and promotions.

New Consultants – don’t forget to check out the special section with everything you need to get a Successful Start.

L’BRI Connect This powerful tool is available as a downloadable app and as a browser-accessible dashboard.

Social selling tools make it easy to share fun images and track customer activity from anywhere with L’BRI Connect. You’ll find monthly recognition, and an extensive archive of announcements, reminders and emails with in-depth information about product and system updates.

If you missed something, you can easily search for product or promotion updates.

Consultant Forum and more on Facebook Visit Facebook to connect with our dedicated community of people who care about helping others find the right skin care. You’ll also find lots of training and fun events too. For leaders, there are special groups to focus on leadership development and growth. And, of course, the L’BRI corporate Facebook page with updates on special offers and more to share with your customers.