Registration for Leadership Insight 2018 is now open!

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Don’t miss this opportunity to jump-start your year and create a plan to achieve all that you need and more with L’BRI. Join Linda Kaminski, your Executive Managers, and our home office team for an unforgettable weekend. We kick things off on Friday evening and will keep connecting through the weekend!

At Leadership Insight you will learn how to:

  • Identify future leaders and team members who want more from their business;
  • Use the right words to arouse curiosity and generate interest;
  • Ensure that new Consultants get started successfully;
  • Develop a strong personal team;
  • Use all of the training tools and resources available for leaders;
  • Sponsor new Consultants by selling dreams, not just Showcases;
  • Feel confident in your skills about product knowledge, best practices, overcoming objections, sponsoring with ease, and so much more!