Executive Manager Jean Uhlmann is going places! She recently shared her success with her team and enjoyed showing off her new wheels! “I chose the Rogue sport because I like the ride of a small SUV. This one, in particular, is a model SL; to me it means super luxury.”

Jean said that she’s enjoying the “extras” included with her new Nissan, even if it meant taking a little good-natured teasing from others. “Many people teased me and asked why I need a heated steering wheel and heated seats here in South Carolina, but 38 degrees is really cold here!” 

One of the things that was special for Jean was having visitors arrive in South Carolina. “My celebration was special as we combined it with our South Carolina L’BRI LIVE event. Having Maria Burgos, Peggy Hammen Schuler and Kari Logterman there made it extra special!”

Jean wants everybody to know that they can earn a free Nissan too when they work and dream with L’BRI. “I tell people all the time, there isn’t a limit to how many cars L’BRI will award. If 150 consultants qualified, there would be 150 cars!” 

Congratulations Jean!