Look who’s earned the shoes! Congratulations to everybody who has been ZAPPED by sponsoring success!

For each new Consultant that you sponsor between Feb. 1 and April 30, who sells $500 or more in their first 45 days – you earn a $50 Zappos gift card! Cards are awarded as they are earned. Congratulations again to everybody who has earned Zappos already. Who will be next? We’ll keep sharing on Facebook and recognize you here.

Earned as of March 23
Anne Adams
Cayla Biel
Shanna Clinton
Sebrena Coleman
Lisa Cooper
Peggy Cunningham
Vicky Giacalone
Jess Gibson
Heidi Hanke
Danielle Herlihy
Katelyn Hoetschl
Audrey Konkel (x5)
Kari Logterman
Janeen Reid
Cindy Rohde (x2)
Lori Stone
Lisa Taylor

Earned as of March 30
Linda Alfonso
Jess Gibson
Paula Hielscher
Elizabeth Johnson
Amber Juslen (x2)
Jackie Kannas
Jodi Keller
Dianne Klopp
Molly Pfaff
Maureen Rochester
Mary Saunders
Jj Star
Jean  Uhlmann (x2)

Earned as of April 6
Jennifer Bertz
Cassie Bohm
Nikohl  Gloede
Jo Ruth Hancock
Alicia Hynes
Judy Johnson
Courtney Kempfert
Naomi  Krzyzanowski
Julie Lee
Tamra Martin
Mandie Menzer (x2)
Kristi Moch
Lisa Nolan
Lisa Rauls
Jan Smith
Lorie Stinson
Julie Talford
Jean  Uhlmann

Earned as of April 13
Barbi Anderson
Shawna Bellomy (x2)
Kelly Bermingham
Melissa Conn
Judi Daggett
Pam Gray
Char Grover
Kristin Helms
Alicia Hynes
Judy Johnson
Pamela Kangas
Liz Kultgen
Janet Livingston
Maggie Lucano
Tamra Martin (x2)
Evelyn Ruppel
Penny Schmitt
Terri Smith
Tyler and Abigail Snell
Julie Talford
Lisa Taylor
Jennette Thomas (x2)
Kezia Wills