This is a challenging time for many families and individuals across the country and many of the typical side gigs are closed or suspended while we’re hunkered down. Take a few minutes to introduce them to the possibilities available through

Get them set up with their own L’BRI website as a Virtual Consultant for just $1 to join. Virtual Consultants simply pay their Monthly Web Services Fee and they will have access to all the online tools and training. They will also have 50 days to purchase a starter kit, if they choose.

This special offer is available through April 30 and is limited to 5 new Virtual Consultants per L’BRI Independent Consultant.

There’s never a limit on how many new Consultants may join your team if they select a Starter Kit from the beginning, so if you have potential Consultants who are ready to jump in, we would encourage them to choose their Starter Kit right away!