We are working to keep our inventory of samples stocked, but will continue to adjust availability based on our current supply. Some items may need to be removed as a choice in the following locations: Free gift option for purchases of $65 or more, 10 packs for Consultant purchase or as an option in the Sampling Made Easy program. We anticipate additional samples may be affected in the future and will post updates to the availability of these samples in the news feed in the Business Center. Please contact if you have any questions about a specific sample or product.

As of April 23, the status of affected samples are as follows:

Facial Peel (available again as of 4/16)

Intense Moisture Creme (available again as of 4/3)

Facial Masque (available again as of 4/15)

Hair Masque (available again as of 4/23)

Deep Pore Cleanser (available again as of 4/23)