We’ve seen many unexpected changes in the last year, but one thing hasn’t changed: Your excitement and enthusiasm for L’BRI products and our community of consultants.
Who’s ready to celebrate?
You’ll be happy to hear that we are finalizing our plans to bring you a Convention experience that is safe, flexible and FUN!
We’ll soon be sharing more information about how you can participate in a series of online and in-person opportunities to hear exciting announcements, be inspired by your L’BRI family and help celebrate this year’s achievers!
Mark your calendars for July 24
Our main event is virtually Unstoppable – National Convention will take place on Saturday, July 24. Registration will be opening soon – ALL Consultants are encouraged to attend!
Due to the constantly changing and evolving health guidelines, we have committed to an online event starting at 10 a.m. CDT. The best part is that everybody has a front seat! Mark your calendar and plan to join us!
Together again – an invitation for our executives

Next, we are inviting consultants who have achieved a rank of Executive Manager or above to join us for an in-person event late this summer. If you would like an invitation to this exclusive gathering, make it your personal goal to join this level of leadership by or before July 1.

Get in the regional zone

Finally, watch for more information on small, local events that will be planned for different regions of the country early this fall. If you’re interested in helping with these regional events, let your Executive Manager know.

Stay tuned for more Unstoppable fun!