An updated collection of Product Fact Sheets is now available in the Learning Center.

Product fact sheets are a valuable resource that provide additional in-depth information about our products.

Imagine having this valuable, accurate product information right at your fingertips! Access helpful product information when posting to social media, recording a video, planning a party presentation, during customer care contact, whenever you need it.

Helpful tip: Many Consultants like to print the Product Fact Sheets and place in a binder.

Order preprinted

As announced on March 23, for a limited time you can order a shrink-wrapped pack of the full 52 Fact Sheets for $12. Each sheet is prepunched so you can store in a binder if you choose.

Item # L9750
Consultant Only Items | Printed Materials

Download the file

Beginning April 13, you can download ALL 52 Product Fact Sheets as one searchable document. You can find this new resource in the What’s New section of the Learning Center, or when you go to the Product section.

View the All Product Fact Features PDF