Starting May 17, you can find everything you need in the L’BRI Connect app – mobile or desktop! Here are 3 ways this update will save you time and help you grow your business:

  1. KEEPS IT SIMPLE (for you and especially newer Consultants): The Learning Center is where you go to learn. Sharable assets via social, text and email will all be found in the Monthly Toolbox in the app.
  2. MAKES IT EASY TO SHOP: The images in the app link to your website, which means you never have to copy/paste your link. Not so with the Learning Center.
  3. FOLLOW-UP IS A BREEZE: The app tracks every action when you share and send any asset (image, video, PDF). That does not happen when you download an image from the Learning Center. Imagine getting notified when a customer or lead opens an email or taps on an image. We call that follow-up done for you.

You’ll first see this happening when we release the June Host Bonus in May, effective Wednesday, May 17. Beginning May 17, your Monthly Toolbox resources will be in two places: In the L’BRI Connect mobile app (iOS and Android) and desktop: the next few months, the Learning Center will continue to be refreshed and updated so you will have access to the most relevant, effective training and resources to help you grow your L’BRI business.