Enroll in L’BRI University and become a Certified Skin Care Specialist

L’BRI University is always accepting new students! If you would like to be a Certified Skin Care Specialist, head over to L’BRI University. L’BRI University has been updated with information about our new Men’s Products. Graduates can access the information immediately by visiting Module 4-1.

If you haven’t checked out L’BRI University – don’t wait any longer! It’s full of interesting information about L’BRI products and skin care. Increase your knowledge, your confidence and your value to your customer when you take time to learn more about the products you love. You can access L’BRI University from the button at the top of your Business Center.

Once you’ve completed L’BRI University, you can print out your certificate, complete the Certified Skin Care Specialist name badge form, and answer questions with confidence!

Get started now!

L’BRI University is organized into 6 Classes.

  1. Skin Care Basics
  2. Advanced Skin Care
  3. Skin Care product information
  4. Body Care product information
  5. Hair Care product information
  6. Health Care product information

Your first two classes are narrated by Linda. She shares this important information in a way that is simple to understand and relevant to your business.

The next four classes contain product information for every product in these categories: Skin Care, Body Care, Hair Care and Health & Wellness. Each individual product is highlighted with information about its Benefits, Application and Keynote Ingredients.

You can advance through the courses at your own pace, ideally within a 90-day window. Once you complete the module, you will be able to go back and refer to the information much more easily after you complete the course.

There is a short QUIZ at the end of each module. You can take the quiz as many times as you need to until you pass it. Then, print out your certificate and you are ready to share your knowledge with your customers and L’BRI team members!

If you have any questions about enrollment, using the L’BRI U platform, course completion, or ordering your Certified Skin Care Specialist name tag, contact the L’BRI U administrator, Norma Robinson at