Growing with L’BRI has never been easier! 

In today’s world, people are looking for easy, simple and fun and will choose opportunities for those reasons. They want to see results quickly and want experiences that are meaningful and rewarding. As a result, we are taking this opportunity to evolve our L’BRI Profit Plan with four enhancements that will make moving up in L’BRI quicker and easier. These changes take effect on August 1.
Promote to Manager and Executive Manager in just ONE month
That means if you qualify in August, you’ll be promoted September 1!
Get paid at new title the month you qualify
When you promote to Supervisor, Manager or Executive Manager you will get paid the monthly commission bonus at your new title for the month you qualified, as opposed to waiting a month.
Personally Sponsored Qualified changes to Personally Sponsored Qualified LINE
Instead of having just your Personally Sponsored Consultants qualify for the number qualified on your team, you’ll be able to count any qualified Consultant who is in your personally sponsored Consultant’s downline. Only 1 person per line can count towards a personally sponsored line.
Receive a Promotion Bonus when you reach the next level
You’ll be rewarded for each level you reach with a cash bonus. Promote to Senior Consultant and you’ll earn a $100 bonus. Promote to Supervisor and your bonus is $200. When you earn a Manager promotion you’ll enjoy a $500 bonus! When you promote to Executive Manager, you’ll receive a $1,000 bonus.
We are positive you will find these changes energizing and will have more fun planning for the next promotion party. Take a few minutes to review the updated Profit Plan in the Business Center Resources.