Send your sales, bookings and sponsoring soaring. L’BRI is introducing a new show experience that is interactive and fun.
This new PARTY EXPERIENCE is a simple format to attract new customers, hosts and consultants. Easy to learn how to do. Easy to duplicate and teach others. So fun and engaging, we can’t help but call it a PARTY!
A new CLIENT PROFILE & GAME CARD will help drive the success of your shows. You’ll feel less hesitant to share ALL 3 OPPORTUNITIES – buying product, hosting a party and looking at the opportunity – when you use this tool. It’s done in a fun way – giving away PRIZE POINTS that create easy interaction with the guests.
There are FOUR new PARTY FLOW CARDS for Skin Care, Anti-Aging, Body Spa and Makeup. Offering CHOICES will attract a broader range of new customers, new hosts and new consultants as well as provide a strong tool for more bookings. The simple five-step process is easy to learn and follow.
Getting social is a great way to break the ice and create energy and fun in the home show. A set of 8 PARTY PROP SIGNS are now available that provide colorful sentiments perfect for selfies and getting social during shows.
For those who want to start using these tools right away, we’ve put together a PARTY EXPERIENCE PACK available to purchase for just $19.95, a $31.55 value. This pack is available the month of August and includes:
Complete set of Party Flow Cards – Skin Care, Anti-Aging, Body/Hair Care, Makeup
New Party Prop Signs
New Client Profile Form 10 pack
New Fall/Winter 2019 Catalog 10 pack
New Why L’BRI brochure 10 pack