Aloe Beautiful opportunity – just $19.99 in August

There’s a big opportunity waiting inside this little bag! With popular products and plenty of samples of our best-sellers, there’s nothing stopping new Consultants from reaching their dreams.

For a limited time and $19.99, let everybody know that Aloe Beautiful is a great way to say hello to L’BRI! If they decide to dream bigger, they can purchase one of our three standard Starter Kits in their first 50 days by contacting our Customer Care team.

More information is available in your Business Center. The complete contents of the Aloe Beautiful kit can be found on the Join Us page of your website.

You can earn it too!
We bet you were thinking, “I’d like to get that bag for myself, but I can’t just rejoin L’BRI…” Don’t worry – we’ve got you covered!

This exclusive kit could be yours with $500+ in sales between July 25 and August 7, 2021. With tons of new products and our current skin care sale, you’ll soon have your hands on this kit!

Aloe Beautiful – let’s go!