Congratulations to our most recent L’BRI University graduates!


Let’s give a round of applause to those graduates who have completed their certification in L’BRI University  during the past month.

Join their ranks and become a Certified Skin Care Specialist with a certificate you can print. Show everyone your successful endeavor along with a gold name badge, for newly certified Consultants.

You’ll find a link to L’BRI University on the main menu of the Learning Center.  Or, click on the links provided here and get started now!

Shelby Alda
Erin Allwardt
Racquel Anderson
Nancy Anderson
Amy Barnard
Amanda Beagle
Deb Briske
Brittany Carroll
Brenda Coe
Dorie Cummings
Sue Doran
Katherine Dresback
Tracy Dunkerton
Michelle Easton
Jennifer England
Andrea Gerlach

Lara Gonser
Carolyn Hanson
Lynette Hartwig
Laura Hogencamp
Nicole Horzewski
Erin Julian
Roxann King
Keisha Kirkland
Coreen Knop
Angela Krause
Marie LaRose
Jennifer Larson
Tiffany Leturno
Barbara Lewis
Judith Long
Corinn Martin

Michelle Massey
April More
Kimberly Motschenbacher
Jennifer Munro-Cole
Betty Porter
Lindsay Pryor
Tara Serrano
Chloe Sherman
Crystal Smith
Melanie Snodgrass
Margaret Tinoco
Karen Volpi
Kalena Wheeler
Sue Wild
Nancy Williams