“Traveling on a L’BRI trip is the best way to travel. I love that everything is taken care of for us, we have first class accommodations, and that a travel agent travels with us so is there to help with anything we need. I have traveled to some amazing places that I would never have gone had I not earned L’BRI trips.”
Beth Thierfelder – Senior Executive Manager 

“Traveling with L’BRI is the best because…. you don’t have to plan a thing! This will be my 16th trip coming up with L’BRI. Not only is it always a fun destination, but I also get to travel with my L’BRI friends!

I remember the first trip was a cruise. Stu (Captain Stu) wasn’t sure he wanted to go because he didn’t know anyone ….. now he knows everyone and they all know him too. He looks forward to the trips as much as I do. All you do is show up at the airport and L’BRI takes care of everything else. What could be better? As Stu says…. L’BRI vacations are just like L’BRI products – over the top!”

Liz Kultgen – Executive Manager


“Earning L’BRI trips has always been a yearly goal for me! It’s a win/win for anyone who goes for it. Why? Because when you are earning points, it simply means that your business is growing! And then to achieve the points needed to earn the trip is like a NEW YEAR’S PARTY! The royal treatment, experiences and bonding are priceless!”

Maria Burgos – Elite Executive Manager

“Traveling with L’BRI is like being a part of the rich and famous! They schedule your flights, your resort room, and special events. The details they put into making you feel special is incredible. I have traveled a lot in my life and traveling with L’BRI is top-notch. The first trip I earned was the NICEST resort I have ever been to. Once you experience a trip like this, you will not want to miss another.”

Cindy Trent – Executive Manager