Don’t miss this chance to have fun building your customer list! Starting September 7, 2022, join social selling expert Lynn Bardowski LIVE in the Consultant Forum twice a day for this 10-day challenge, or use the hashtag to find the daily posts!


Day 1: How the 10-Day Challenge Works

Day 2: Curiosity Post Idea to Attract New Leads

Day 3: Sharing via Messenger

Day 4: How to Make 5 New Friends

Day 5: How to Get Your Ideal Customer to Request a Sample

Day 6: Sell the Transformation, Not the Product

Day 7: Introduce Yourself

Day 8: How to Book More

Day 9: Change Your Group Name, Get New Customers

Day 10: Content That Converts, Fast

“This is the perfect launch to get out of a summer slump!” – Liz Kaczmarek

“I love the idea to use the voice text and then edit it!” – Melissa Schumacher

“Get that notebook out for all the new connections you’re going to make!” – Debbie Revering

“I’m sharing this via text to all my hot leads. Sharing to my FB and IG Story, too!” – Maria Johnson-Porn