Beginning Wednesday, September 7, an important change arrived to make it easier to process orders for your customers and avoid delays related to incomplete or duplicate orders. You will still be able to create orders with split payments and find it easier than ever to manage your party orders.

Posting Party Orders
With this update, once you click “Submit Payment” for an order in the party, the order will be processed and complete. For orders using split payment methods, this will occur when full payment has been made. The second “Process Order” screen will no longer appear. This enhancement will help avoid delays that had been due to orders that were paid, but not completely processed.

Avoiding duplicate party orders
This new feature will help Consultants avoid creating duplicate orders within a Show.

When you click NEW ORDER and select the guest from the Show Guest drop-down menu, if you select a guest who already has an order started, you will now have the option to continue with the order you started for that guest, or create a new one.

A reminder message will show for any guest selected who already has an open order. “This guest already has an open order. Do you want to edit the existing order or create a new order?”

If you want to avoid creating a duplicate order for that guest, simply click on the existing order # and continue with the order in progress.

These enhancements arrived in your Business Center on September 7, 2022. If you have any questions, please contact