You can be the next featured Consultant in the President’s Circle when you adopt Linda’s 6 + 2 Formula for Success by holding six (6) qualified* Shows a month and Sponsoring two (2) new Consultants every month to be recognized in the newsletter AND receive a small fun gift from Linda. Qualified Show must have a hostess, 5 or more orders, $300 or more in sales with 1 or more bookings. 

Qualify 4 out of 6 months between January and June 2017, and you receive the fun gift each month, PLUS $500 cash and an invitation to a special lunch.

If you qualify for President’s Circle 6 out of 6 months between January and June 2017, you receive the fun gift each month, PLUS $1,000 cash and an invitation to a special lunch at National Convention 2017 AND receive a special gift from Linda.

Each month we recognize President’s Circle earners in WINGS. PLUS now your name will be added to this chart so you can see who is mastering Linda’s 6+2 Formula for Success.

Amber Juslen

Senior Executive Manager

Samantha Anderson

Executive Manager

Haylie Cobb


Katelyn Hoetschl


Alicia Hynes


Mandie Menzer


Jennette Thomas