Join us for an amazing tour of this lush and beautiful Central American country. Known for its gorgeous natural landscapes, from mountains to coastlines, and its happy people, it is a destination you will truly love. The beauty of the area will take your breath away. The tour includes stays in San Jose’, La Fortuna, Monteverde, and Guanacaste. Click here for the main trip site!

Congratulations to these Consultants who are preparing for the adventure of a lifetime! Will you be joining them? The last weekly update will be emailed on Wednesday, December 27. After that, watch for the final announcement to find out who will be packing their bags for a Costa Rican adventure with L’BRI!

Lynda Alexander
Linda Alfonso
Samantha Anderson
Katie Asman
Laurie Atwater
Shawna Bellomy
Patricia Benkoski
Kelly Bermingham
Maria Burgos-Woods
Haylie Cobb
Melinda Crawford
Jackie Curtis
Judi Daggett
Holly Derrick
Sandra Galaszewski
Jess Gibson
Char Grover
Peggy Hammen-Schuller
Jo Ruth Hancock
Kristen Hardy
Leanne Hart
Katelyn Hoetschl
Alicia Hynes
Elizabeth Johnson
Amber Juslen
Jodi Keller
Dianne Klopp
Liz Kultgen
Gina LaGalbo
Kari Logterman
Ruth Luebker
Charlotte Mahone
Tamra Martin
Mandie Menzer
Jennifer Piala
Janeen Reid
Kathy Roen
Cindy Rohde
Rachael Schwandt
Phyllis Searcy
CheriLyn Smith
Lori Stone
Julie Talford
Lisa Taylor
Beth Thierfelder
Jennette Thomas
Jean Uhlmann
Shirley Welch
Amy Wilhelm