The new catalog is bigger, with 8 new pages and a slightly taller format. But don’t worry, it still fits perfectly in the front panel of our sample bag.

If you missed the email we sent out after Leadership Insight, take a minute to learn more about our newest catalog, including the new format and bold, new look and newest products!

You’ll notice a change immediately by the fresh and engaging approach to the cover. L’BRI is more than just a skin care company. What we offer goes beyond our products, because we offer women, men, and families the opportunity to live life beautifully.

The catalog cover appeals to a broad range of customers and evokes a casual, natural and healthy lifestyle. Its positive and inspiring imagery makes people want to open it and see what’s inside, to explore everything that L’BRI has to offer.

Bigger IS better!

Adding more pages allowed us to have the space for more testimonials, tips, product details and lifestyle images. The skin care section is also organized in the 5 steps of proper skin care to better support your home show presentations and to help your customers better understand how to use our products.

If you didn’t preorder your new catalogs, don’t wait a minute longer. Make sure you have the new, beautiful catalog on hand for your next Show.

You can also order the 2019 Literature Update Kit for $10.90 through the end of February. It includes 21 catalogs and 6 laminated Skin Care/Body Care Sets flyers.

UPDATE: The Skin Care/Body Care flyers in PDF – and now JPG formats – and are available as downloadable resources in the Business Center Library Business Supplies & Tools and in the Learning Center in Show Presentations (Sub Category Show Resources).

If you have any questions about how to order, contact us at