New Instagram Image added to Promotion Support Tools

We’re adding a new image option to our promotional support files in the Library. In addition to the Facebook-friendly social image that we have been providing, a more simplified yet coordinating product image(s) will be provided for use on Instagram. These monthly customer and hostess promotion images will be marked accordingly in the Library and in the Media Gallery so you’ll know for which each graphic is specifically formatted to use. Check out the new additions for this month’s customer special and March’s Hostess Bonus offer in the Business Center Library and Learning Center Media Gallery today!

Using the right image makes all the difference

Getting social is a great way to build your network and market the many different opportunities that L’BRI has to offer. But it’s also important to understand best practices for each platform. This will help you optimize your posts to achieve the most interaction and to strengthen your own personal brand image.

Instagram, for example, is a very visual platform where images are the main driving element. Using a square format so that your image isn’t cut off is very important. A focus on imagery or short inspirational quotes creates not only a more enticing post, but also a more enticing profile. Think visual appeal.

Many times our promotional flyer or postcard have been shared on Instagram. Not only does this appear cluttered and busy, it’s also difficult to read, often resulting in information getting cut off, and appears unprofessional. To help better support this need, we will now be providing Instagram-friendly graphics in addition to the Facebook promotional graphics for our monthly Customer and Hostess offers.

See the difference it makes using the new Instagram posts instead of the flyer for our February Customer and March Hostess offers:

Don’t forget to also combine your own original images with the many options we share in the Media Gallery to further define your own personal brand image. Here’s to getting social with L’BRI!