Please join us in congratulating Melissa Yoder, who just celebrated earning her new Nissan with her team and Senior Executive Manager Kathy Roen. Congratulations Melissa!

I chose the Nissan Rogue for my family because I wanted a big enough truck to hold all my show gear and that also still had good gas mileage.

My car celebration was SO special because my Executive Manager Kathy Roen flew in and gave a wonderful speech at my celebration. It was so special to have all my friends and family and team come to celebrate and get inspired. I know A few team members are putting a free L’BRI Nissan on their dream boards now!

To all new Consultants, know that the only way you can fail is if you don’t try! There is an abundantly generous compensation plan, free vacations, and a free car just waiting for you! And all you have to do is share a product you already love. The sky’s the limit!