Congratulations to our most recent L’BRI University graduates!

Let’s give a round of applause to those graduates who have completed their certification in L’BRI University between January 13 and February 10, 2020.

Join their ranks and become a Certified Skin Care Specialist with a certificate you can print. Show everyone your successful endeavor along with a gold name badge, for newly certified Consultants. To enroll in L’BRI University, go to the Learning Center and select “Product” where you will find a link to L’BRI University. Or, click on the link above and get started now! 

Sue Anne Brewer
Laranda Eakin
Stacie  Jakeway
Sarah Janeschek
Gina Kleine
Jessica Lang
Dina Lattuga

Pamela Leonard
Nancy Lowrie
Michelle McClellan
Alicia McLellan
Sommer Morgan
Lynsey Nearpass
Penny Robinson

Penny Robinson
Anita Rothery
Joanne Schreiber
Jeanne  Shirley
Heather Smith
Suzzanne Steed
Nancy Steed
Christine Thompson