We hope everybody has been taking advantage of the Fast Start In February incentive that is happening NOW! You can earn valuable extras when you sell $1,000 or more in February or sponsor a new Consultant who sells $1,000 or more.

Use the red hot rewards available now through February 29 with the Fast Start in February incentive. Give yourself a boost and share everything you love about L’BRI! February is a great time to build your team and reboot your business.

If you’re a new Consultant who is just getting started – you get the best rewards of all! You can reap the rewards of being in your first 50 days with the Fast Start in 50 program, PLUS all the benefits of the Fast Start in February incentive. In many cases, you’ll earn DOUBLE rewards for your performance in February.

There are two weeks left in February so make sure to fill your calendar with Shows! Remember, your qualified hosts will earn an extra $50 L’BRI credit in February – and you will collect a $50 credit for sales of $1,000 or more in February.

When you sponsor a new consultant between February 1-29, they will receive a $100 L’BRI credit with their Starter Kit. And, if they reach $1,000 or more in sales in their first 50 days, you’ll receive a $100 cash bonus!

Leap to action and make sure to share the L’BRI love all month long!  

If you have any questions about this incentive, contact or read the Fast Start in February FAQs in the Business Center.