How would you like to be a Monthly All-Star? Monthly all-stars are recognized for their total overall sales and sponsoring achievements and now, Shows Consultants featured each month are determined through a point system (see below for details).

Each month, the results are tallied and the top performer in each rank receives a special selection of business supplies and their picture featured in WINGS. We recognize our All-Stars the month following their accomplishments, so look for our January All-Stars who are featured in this issue of WINGS.

Take a moment to recognize our monthly All-Stars and make a plan to get this top honor for your title! Don’t stop there – every promotion is another chance to take your place with the stars!

Please note the point system has changed slightly beginning with our January All-Stars:


Consultants will earn:

10 points for every qualified Show

5 points for every personally sponsored new Consultant

1 point for every $100 in personal sales


To be considered a monthly all-star you must sponsor a minimum of one new Consultant and be fully qualified in your current title to be recognized at that level. (need a minimum of 1 Consultant sponsored)

In case of a tie in points, the Consultant with the highest personal sales will be recognized as the all-star.

If you have any questions about awards, recognition, qualification or incentive programs, please contact us at