From ingredient lists to L’BRI University, you’ll find a wealth of information and training just waiting for you in the Learning Center. Here’s a quick look at just some of the FREE resources available to you as a L’BRI Consultant. 

New Consultant resources

If you’re a new Consultant there’s a special section titled “New Consultants Start Here” to help you focus on getting your business off to a successful start. From Fast Start in 50 to Sampling Made Easy, this is where you’ll find information just for you. You can also find a shortcut to this section on the front page of your Business Center. 

Monthly toolbox

This recent addition has its own section in the L’BRI Connect app, but you can also find the February Monthly Success Plan and images in the Monthly toolbox section of the Learning Center. For your convenience, many of the training resources for L’BRI Connect can also be found here. 

L’BRI University

And, now that all Consultants are automatically enrolled in L’BRI University, you’ll want to review or share the new L’BRI Step-by-Step instructions.  Whether you’re new to the L’BRI University or have your Skin Care Specialist certificate, there’s always something to learn about L’BRI products and ingredients. 

Product Fact and Feature sheets

If you’ve ever wondered about how a product works or what’s inside, check out our extensive library of Product Fact and Feature sheets. It’s just one of the many resources available under the “Product” tab in the Learning Center. 

New and updated resources

New this month is a guide to our air-less bottles. You can see how this unique dispensing system works and how to best prime the pump. This new resource is being shared with customers who request a replacement pump. 

Another recent update is Identifying and managing breakouts, which helps identify different types of acne and which products to recommend. 

You’ll also find the new Let’s Get Started Acne Skin Care Regimen chart to help customers with acne fine-tune the use of their products. 

Resources are continually being added or updated. You can see them in the “What’s New” category, or simply use the search function to find a topic you’re interested in learning more about. 

Take a minute to explore the Learning Center and discover a new tidbit or helpful reminder today!