We are pleased to share three updates we’ve been working on to enhance your Business Center tools. These updates should make it easier for you to manage your L’BRI business and help maximize the benefits you can provide to your customers.

  • Reminder to apply promotions
  • Updates to the L’BRI Credits Report
  • Updates to the Show Management section
Reminder to Apply Promotions

Sometimes an order placed in the Show module might qualify for an additional gift or discount, but if the Consultant forgets to enter that promotion on the order the customer might miss out. Now, when you click on the payment method, you will see a reminder asking you if you would like to view the available promotions. You’ll also be reminded when you click “Process Order.” You can add the offer, or decline it, but you will find it’s much easier to remember!

L’BRI Credits Report

Based on feedback from Consultants, we worked to reformat this report to make it easier to view and more mobile-friendly. We also added two new functions to make it easier to track credits, and make it easier to place an order using credits.

Current My L’BRI Credit Screen

New My L’BRI Credit Screen

Updated My L’BRI Credit Screen

The new format will feature narrower columns to minimize the left-to-right scrolling, and less important information moved to the far right.

Current My Customers L’BRI Credits

Updated My Customers L’BRI Credits Screen

New My Customers L’BRI Credits


  • Leaders will enjoy the extra ability to make a note when issuing a credit so it’s easier to track who recieved the credit.
  • All Consultants will enjoy the “New Order” link to the “My Customers L’BRI Credits section” so you can easily create an order for your customer right from the credit report.

Gift Certificate mobile view


Gift Certificate desktop view

Show Management

This section is now formatted to be more mobile-friendly, with narrower columns and reorganized information. This section also has the least important information moved to the far right. Start/End times have been removed from the grid, but are still available and will appear when you export the report. These updates were made to the following sections: My Open Shows, My Closed Shows, and My Downline Shows.


We are certain you will love these new updates! If you have any questions or feedback, please contact