Two additional system updates are being released March 9 to help your hosts and customers claim more of the perks available to them when they party and shop with L’BRI!

Host Reward Order
Now required to close show

We love to spoil our hosts and want to make sure they get as many of their host rewards as possible! Beginning March 9, before a show can be closed, the host reward order will need to be processed. This will help our hosts get their rewards quicker and will help avoid additional delays with the use of the Host Redemption Form to process those rewards manually. If you forgot to claim a portion of your host’s rewards during this step, you can still use the Host Redemption Form.

We know our hosts will appreciate their rewards and will look forward to hosting their next L’BRI show!

Serum alert

Reminder to take advantage of promotional offer at checkout

This new feature reminds customers and Consultants when a discounted serum is available with their purchase. Beginning March 9, when a skin care set is added to the cart, you and your customers will see an alert to let you know that a $20 serum is available at checkout.

If you have any questions about these two new updates, please contact