Congratulations to our most recent Gold Pin Earners!

Share a round of applause for Consultants who complete the steps for a successful start to their L’BRI Journey. They have earned a gold aloe pin as a symbol of their commitment to their business and their dreams.


Kim Harrity
(completed Successful Start) 





Jill Anderson
Lynn Balstad
Christine Baumgartner
Lynda Becker
Ginger Clark
Danielle DeBattista
Sue Dixon
Peggy Flusemann
Veronique Flynn
Brenda  Goodling
Kelly Graner
Carolyn Hanson
Teri Hinterberg

Kristin Jasken
Tammy Johnson
Janet Johnson
Kimberly Johnson
Missy Kehl
Valerie Martell
Alison Meeks
Michelle Miller
Traci Mitchell
Kathleen Page
Andrew Pederson
Kelli Pohlabel
Gloria  Quinn

Kay Reppen
Connie Rucinski
Michelle Runge
Gloria Ruston
Karen  Schanen
Jennifer Scheidt
Jeanne Sharbuno
Christina Sumenek
Becky Ward
Sallie Warner-Mejia
Lori Westcott
Yvonne White
Sarah Wilkins


When you complete the steps in the guide that arrived in your Starter Kit, you can earn a gold aloe pin that you can wear proudly.

New Consultants are encouraged to complete these steps in order to get the best start in their new business. You can check out the online version in the Learning Center when you click on New Consultants Start Here.