Congratulations once again to our final trip earners! This is going to be a destination to remember, with outings to the ocean and relaxing evenings under the stars.

Stay tuned to find out how our trip earners will be spoiled in beautiful Maui and watch for pictures of their amazing get-away!


Katie Asman Peggy Hammen-Schuller Sue Nelson
Laurie Atwater Jo Ruth Hancock Gina O’Sullivan
Shawna Bellomy Kristen Hardy Jennifer Piala
Cayla Biel Tina Hinze* Janeen Reid
Shannon Blair* Katelyn Hoetschl Kay Reppen
Terri (Sassy) Buman* Alicia Hynes Kathy Roen
Maria Burgos-Woods Amber Juslen Marlene Rogers
Haylie Cobb Jodi Keller Teresa Rosiere-Martin
Kendra Comps* Laura Klingelhoets Mary Saunders
Tara Crawford Dianne Klopp Jennifer Scheidt
Erica Cumberworth* Jenell Klovas* Rachael Schwandt
Angela Cumberworth* Christy Kornak* Nan Sowieja*
Jackie Curtis Jodi Krueger Lori Stone
Jeanette Dassow Liz Kultgen Julie Talford
Jody DeMuth* Gina LaGalbo Lisa Taylor
Michele Derrick Kristy Lauzon Charity Tchida*
Lori Fandrey Sandra Lorenz Beth Thierfelder
Sandra Galaszewski Ruth Luebker Jean Uhlmann
Celina Garcia* Peggy Maxfield* Amy Wilhelm
Phyllis Gardner* Holly Menzer* Susan Windsor
Char Grover Mandie Menzer

*New Consultants who started January 1, 2018 or later