Holiday favorites available as individual items

Just a reminder that selected items from our holiday collection are available for purchase as individual items. They can be found in the “What’s New” section of the shopping cart.

2030       Tropical Breeze Hand Soap

2013       Tropical Breeze Hand & Body Lotion – 2 oz

2015       Tropical Breeze Hand & Body Lotion – 8 oz

40-SMG Smokey Gray Eye Shadow

42-SIM  Silver Shimmer Eye Shadow

42-CHL  High Pearl Eye Shadow Chantilly Lace

Samples of the Tropical Breeze Hand Soap and Lotion are also available in the Sampling Made Easy program and as 10 packs in the Consultant Shopping Cart.

SP2030  Tropical Breeze Hand Soap Samples (10 pack)

SP2015 Tropical Breeze Hand & Body Lotion (10 pack)

If you have any questions about these products, please contact us at

Limited availability of Facial Masque samples

Due to low inventory of samples of the Facial Masque, the following limits will apply until we receive our next shipment. The single packet will no longer be available in the Sampling Made Easy program, as a 10-pack in the Consultant cart (item# SP1611) or as a free sample for orders over$65. Samples will still be available for new Consultant Kits, sample sets and travel sets. Please watch for updates when our supply has been replenished.

3-pack Light sample set available

Due to the current limited availability of the Buff samples, a Light 3-pack sample set of Flawless Foundation is now available while we wait for our next shipment to arrive. Item#S65-L can be used to purchase this three-pack for $3. Watch for future announcements to let you know when Buff samples are available again!