This year, some Consultants with earnings of $600 or more may receive multiple 1099 forms from L’BRI. A recent change means that the type of 1099 issued is dependent on the type of income that was earned. If you earned less than $600 from L’BRI in 2020, you will not receive a Form 1099 from us.

Consultants who earned $600 or more in 2020 on weekly or monthly commissions will receive a Form 1099-NEC from L’BRI. Income from Show Me the Money, Sponsoring Cash, Starter Kit rebates, Car Bonus or Insurance, President’s Circle and Founders’ Club Trip for consultants who do not go on the trip will be noted on this form.

Consultants who earned $600 or more from other incentives, such as Fast Start product credits, or trip earners who go on the Founders’ Club trip from L’BRI, will receive a Form 1099-MISC.

Consultants are responsible for reporting income earned. If you are not sure what must be reported, please contact a tax advisor or the IRS for assistance.