Exciting news! Start the new year by setting goals to reach President’s Circle and Show Me the Money. The new enhancements to the Team Management report will help you track your progress throughout the month. Beginning January 12, you will see additional information related to bonuses with three new fields in the Team Management report:

  • PC – President’s Circle: Qualified Closed Shows/Personally Sponsored
    • For this field, “6/2” would indicate 6 qualified closed Shows and 2 Personally sponsored, resulting in President’s Circle qualification.
  • SMTM – Show Me the Money: Qualified Closed Shows/Qualified Show Volume
    • For this field “5/$2535” would indicate 5 qualified closed Shows and $2,535 in qualified Show volume.
  • SMTM $$ – Show Me the Money $$: Shows Bonus % Earned/Dollars Earned
    • For this field “5%/$125.55” would indicate a 5% bonus resulting in a bonus of $125.55 for the month.

You can view this information for yourself and members of your team.

To view this information by month, you will see another enhancement in the month selection filter. This menu will now show the name of the months, rather than “current” or “prior.”

You can use this information to recognize or cheer on members of your team, or track your own progress.

For additional information about Show Me the Money or President’s Circle, you can view resources in your Business Center | Monthly Specials & Promotions or in the WINGS monthly recognition.