There’s a new feature now available in marGo, which allows for an invitation to be forwarded from one person to another, or many different people. It’s the perfect way to capture RSVPs when you don’t have a guest list.

How it works: You can add yourself and your hostess to the guest list in your event. You are then able to  forward the invitation in an email to your hostess if you need to. She can either forward the original, or the forwarded invitation to those people she would like to invite to her L’BRI Show. Those guests in turn can also forward the invitation to the people they know. Everybody can RSVP from the email and are then added to your guest list.

The nice people at marGo created this step-by-step video for you to watch and have included information about it in the L’BRI & marGo Facebook group.


It’s a great way to make it easier for everyone! Check out this feature during your next Show. It’s available using the marGo tool in your Show module.