Executive Manager Sandra Lorenz has the drive to succeed! She celebrated earning a FREE car with her team on June 20. Sandra said she chose the Nissan Altima because she liked the sleek, sporty look of it and because it fit in her garage.

“My car celebration was really special because of all the people who came out to celebrate with me,” said Sandra.  Some of the people who joined Sandra were her teammates and extended L’BRI Consultants and teams and especially her family, friends, and customers. Sandra said, “It was wonderful to be surrounded by all of those supportive people. It really did make the evening! And, having Gina there and sharing her story and encouragement with everyone really topped it off!  It was perfect!”

Sandra said that if there was one thing she would share with a new Consultant, it would be that it’s never too late to start building your L’BRI dream. She said, “Even if you’ve been a part of L’BRI for a while and you haven’t done a lot with it, you can decide to pick it up and really go for it at any time. Just do it! Create your L’BRI dream come true!”