A few more modifications will be coming to the Business Center soon. These are being made to make it easier for new and established consultants alike to locate information more quickly and intuitively.

Changing “Library” tab to “Resources” 

This change will better describe what content can be found here.



Transfer or remove customers using new form

The form used to remove customers has now been updated and improved so you can also transfer customers to another Consultant. Simply choose the function that you wish to use and then enter the customer names and numbers.

To use the new form, go to the Business Center | Resources | Customer Support

Customer Removal and Transfer Form

Team Management Report link being added

The Quick Link labeled “Daily Sales Summary”,  will be changed to “Team Management” and take you to the Team Management report.



L’BRI University and Home Office Contacts quick links being removed


The home office contact information can be found easily on the front page of your Business Center. L’BRI University can be found in the Learning Center under “Products”.

Learning Center | Products | L’BRI University



If you or a team member have any trouble locating items in the Business Center, please let us know by sending a message to