Impact of extreme heat with L’BRI Sunscreen

With temperatures reaching extreme levels over the next few weeks, it’s important to allow your L’BRI products to return to room temperature before using. This is very important for our L’BRI Sunscreen which contains natural oils that can expand when affected by extreme heat.  Shaking this product before the Sunscreen cools down will cause the product to expand further. If the bottle is opened before it cools down and is properly shaken, the Sunscreen may be a bit explosive when opened. Please allow Sunscreen to be at room temperature before shaking and opening. Avoid keeping product in a hot car or in direct sun when enjoying outdoor activities.

Diaper cream unavailable until further notice

Effective immediately, our diaper cream is no longer available for sale due to a quality issue occurring with our most recent batch.  We are discontinuing the cream until further notice and will evaluate the issue. No orders that have already been placed will be affected.

Product and Catalog reminder

All Consultants were sent an email on June 28 with updates about retiring products and catalog orders. The following products will be moved to the While Supplies Last section of the shopping cart after the release of the new catalog:

Retiring products:
Vitamin E round tube and lipstick tube
Dual Action shades – Deep Cocoa and Rich Coffee
Volumizing Mascara

The limited time Elegantly Natural eye shadow collection will no longer be available.