Sample availability

Citrus Medley Body Butter and Body Wash

We are looking forward to receiving our samples for the Citrus Medley Body Butter and Citrus Medley in mid-August. We have included a postcard letting everybody who requested or ordered these samples that they will be sent in a separate mailing. As soon as they arrive, we will also add them to the Sampling Made Easy program.

Facial Peel

Our Facial Peel samples are currently on backorder and are not available to order or request in the Sampling Made Easy program. We apologize for the unavailability of this popular sample. We are working to get it back in stock as soon as possible.

We will post an update as soon as these samples are available again.

AloePlus+ Juice Drink still available

This is just a reminder that there is still a limited amount of AloePlus+ Juice Drink available for purchase by Consultants. If you would like to order it, use item numbers 7011 or 7011P3. Please note, an additional shipping charge of $7.50 will be added to each bottle or 3-pack order of AloePlus+ Juice Drink.

While Supplies Last/Discontinued

Please note that the following products that are currently found in While Supplies Last will be removed as of August 31.

60-01   Perfect Finish Oil Free Foundation (01)

60-02   Perfect Finish Oil Free Foundation (02)

60-04  Perfect Finish Oil Free Foundation (04)

60-05  Perfect Finish Oil Free Foundation (05)


61-01  Perfect Finish Liquid Foundation (01)

61-03  Perfect Finish Liquid Foundation (03)

61-04  Perfect Finish Liquid Foundation (04)

61-05  Perfect Finish Liquid Foundation (05)


62-01  Perfect Coverage Cream Foundation (01)

62-02  Perfect Coverage Cream Foundation (02)

62-03  Perfect Coverage Cream Foundation (03)

62-04  Perfect Coverage Cream Foundation (04)

62-05  Perfect Coverage Cream Foundation (05)

62-06  Perfect Coverage Cream Foundation (06)

62-07  Perfect Coverage Cream Foundation (07)

62-08  Perfect Coverage Cream Foundation (08)


51-ALN     Lipstick Demo – Almost Nude

51-AMR    Lipstick Demo – Amaretto

51-AUR    Lipstick Demo – Autumn Red Matte

51-CA       Lipstick Demo – Caramel

51-CH       Lipstick Demo – Chestnut

51-CRF     Lipstick Demo – Cranberry Freeze

51-CU      Lipstick Demo – Curry

51-DER    Lipstick Demo – Desert Rose

51-DI       Lipstick Demo – Divinity

51-DOK   Lipstick Demo – Do Kiss

51-GCF   Lipstick Demo  – Golden Coral Frost

51-HE     Lipstick Demo – Heather

51-MOG  Lipstick Demo – Morning Glory

51-PSF    Lipstick Demo – Pink Snow Frost

51-RAM  Lipstick Demo – Raspberry Malt

51-SUP   Lipstick Demo – Sugar Plum

51-SW    Lipstick Demo – Sweetheart

51-TER  Lipstick Demo – Tea Rose