When you visit the Media Gallery in the Learning Center you’ll find two new categories that will make it easy for you to post something fun or interesting about L’BRI products. 

 New social media image collection: Product Tips
Look in the Learning Center’s Media Gallery for a new collection of images featuring Product Tips. You’ll find this new tab when you click on “Post Images”.  There’s a wide selection of “Word to the Wise” tips to help customers use L’BRI so they can see the best results from our products!

New category in Media Gallery: Catchy phrases

Sometimes you want to share something on social media, but the words aren’t quite coming to you. Simply go to the Learning Center media gallery for some help! You can choose from one of the many new “catchy phrases” to get the ball rolling and start a conversation with your friends and followers. To view these images, go to  the Learning Center | Media Gallery | Social Media Images | Post Images | Catchy Phrases.