The secret is out! On June 30, L’BRI founders Linda and Brian Kaminski announced the destination of our 2021 Founders’ Club Trip! To watch the replay, use this link and enter this password: 
founders2021 (case sensitive)

Consultants can celebrate success at Secrets Cap Cana Resort and Spa – the most luxurious accommodations in a dream destination. Sunshine, sand and serenity…a tranquil trio of pure luxury nestled in a pristine corner of the Caribbean!

To watch your points add up use the Performance Tracker found in your Business Center. To view your points, go to the Business tab | Performance Tracker | Founders’ Club 2021. (you need to be logged in to the Business Center  for link to work.)

Visit the official trip site for additional information, inspiration and tools to help you stay on track to earn the trip.

You can find a PDF of the official trip brochure there. Or, you can order brochures (item# FC2021P5) to show anybody who is interested in earning the trip for themselves. New Consultants need fewer points to earn the trip and we’ve seen many of them join us for past trips!

There are lots of fun downloadable images in your Business Center | Resources | L’BRI Travel Incentive or in the Learning Center Media Gallery | Social Media Images | Promotions.

And don’t forget to share your selfie with this printable sign. Let everybody know that you plan on joining L’BRI at Secrets Cap Cana Resort and Spa in 2021!