L’BRI Connect app – a simple, powerful tool for your business
Your business in the palm of your hand – with fun resources for sharing L’BRI and powerful tools for tracking actions and results.
This easy and effective tool will help you build your business like never before. Watch this video to see the highlights of the L’BRI Connect app!

L’BRI Connect training – in the app and more

There are lots of training videos available in the app, or you can check out the additional training that’s been posted in the app, on the Consultant Forum in the “L’BRI Connect App Training” guide or in the Learning Center in the Monthly Toolbox.

Introduction/Training (Feb. 5)

Introduction/Training Part 2 (Feb. 9)

Overview Training (Apr. 12)

Desktop Training (Apr. 29)

Android Training

Android – Interactive Video Training

Step-by-step guides

These easy-to-follow guides will help you learn some of the features available in the L’BRI Connect app and the additional features available in the desktop version. You can find these guides in the Learning Center as well.

L’BRI Connect Guide

L’BRI Connect Desktop Guide

Download the app

If you are just getting started, you can use the “magic link” that was sent to you via email or text. Or, you can download the app from the App Store or Google Play using these links and login with your Business Center credentials:



TIP: If you have any trouble loading or using the app, make sure you have the latest operating system on your device!

Access L’BRI Connect on your desktop or browser

To use L’BRI Connect on your computer or internet browser, use this link and login with your Business Center credentials.

More to come! 

You’ll enjoy learning more as we incorporate more features and additional training. And, if you have any issues you can submit them to