Why travel with L’BRI?

Earn your place on the beach and discover what these leaders have learned about traveling the world with L’BRI!

It’s the best way to travel. I love that everything is taken care of for us, we have first-class accommodations and a very helpful travel agent who travels with us.
I encourage everyone to start planning on going even before we know where we are going. Have a plan on how you are going to earn it and be ready on July 1st when we start earning points.
Beth Thierfelder
Senior Executive Manager
Meeting people has become my favorite part of each trip. I love the chance to connect with other Consultants, and finding you have common interests beyond skin care.
You have fun doing things together that you might not ever have done on your own. And you make friends who become your cheerleaders in your business and life.
Kristen Hardy
Executive Manager
Even more than the sights and new places, you definitely don’t want to miss out on the “L’BRI bonding!” I have gotten to know so many new people and today they are still my lifelong dear friends. 
Priceless connections, but also opportunities to glean new business tips and ideas, as talking about what we love is just what we do (even on vacation, haha)!
Lisa Taylor
Senior Executive Manager