Congratulations to Executive Manager Mary Saunders! She is going places in her brand-new Nissan Rogue!  “I chose the Nissan Rogue for its sporty, sleek style, and for its ability to get me thru the Illinois winters,” Mary said.

Mary celebrated her accomplishment with her team at her June 2 Car Celebration in Oswego, Illinois. She wants everybody to know that they can pursue their dream of a brand-new car paid for by L’BRI. Mary said “If I could share just one thing with a new Consultant or someone who has been with LBRI for a few years, it would be this: ‘Keep your eye on the prize.’  It’s achievable! Take a picture of yourself sitting in one of the Nissans and put that picture on your dream board. It will happen!”

Mary has the drive to succeed and is following the road to her dreams. Is a new Nissan in your future? Get into the driver’s seat and make it happen for you too!