Website redirect ending – June 19


Bookmarks older than one year will no longer redirect to current site

Beginning in June, Consultant websites will no longer redirect from the old web addresses/URLs. Customers using bookmarks that are more than a year old will be redirected to a page that will inform them of the new URL, but will require them to click on the link to go to the new URL.

Old structure (prior to May 9, 2017): – bookmarks using this address will no longer redirect to current URL

Current structure: lbri.comyourwebsitename – no redirect needed, no action required
Any Consultants who started after May 9, 2017 would have had the new URL from their first day with L’BRI. This change only affects those who used the old structure and bookmarked that site. Please update any old bookmarks you may be using and remind your customers to do the same! If you have a website with the old structure listed on any Facebook pages, online directories or electronic signatures, don’t forget to update those as well.
If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at