The best way to build a L’BRI business that will thrive is to hold Shows so you can introduce L’BRI to more and more people. You can meet new customers, help hostesses earn more of the products they love and meet more people who would like to be a Consultant like you!

When the Be Your Own Hostess program was continued in 2018 it was to help Consultants give their business a boost by having the tools to hold their own Show. In order to do so, we modified our policy so Consultants are able to use a personal customer account to host these Shows.

These personal customer accounts are intended to help you redeem the hostess benefits from those shows and use the products as door prizes for Shows or vendor events, hostess thank-you gifts or other business-building activities. Personal customer accounts should not be used to place orders on your own Show or the Show of a customer.

When placing orders, you should always use your Consultant account so that you benefit from the pricing that is only available to Consultants. (Even though you are paying for your shipping, your overall cost as a Consultant will be slightly lower.)

Closing Shows

Remember to close your Shows within 45 days to make sure your hostess is able to collect their hostess benefits. Shows open past 45 days will be reviewed and may be closed by the home office.

Effective August 1, 2018, if a Show has orders associated with it that are older than 90 days it may also be reviewed and closed by the home office.

If you would like to learn more, we encourage you to review recently updated documents in your Business Center Library. These documents will undergo another revision soon to reflect the update being made August 1.

Be Your Own Hostess FAQs

Show FAQs

Helpful Reminder and Guidelines for Shows


If you have any questions or need assistance closing a Show, contact us at or call 262-363-9674.