Congratulations to Gina LaGalbo – first ever Double Diamond Executive Manager!

Please join us in congratulating Gina LaGalbo and her team for this exciting moment in L’BRI history. We are thrilled to share her reflections and advice for Consultants who are ready to dream big and change lives. 


Building a business, ready to learn

I am so grateful for this incredible business we are all in together! It’s truly amazing to look back at all the growth, upgrades, and opportunities L’BR I has given us in the past 21 years! As we all know, time goes so fast while our lives can change in a heartbeat. It’s so important to build your momentum and never let go of your biz!  When I started years ago, I knew nothing about direct sales, makeup, or skin care; however, that didn’t stop me because I believed in our company and product line.  Eventually, with lots of learning and asking for help, I believed in myself enough to build a business for myself, my family and my team!


Setting goals and keeping consistent habits

To this day, I still have the habits I did when I was a new consultant building my business, such as setting aside time every day to work my business. I time blocked my calendar for shows, calls, training, and my personal dates. Time blocking has always kept me laser-focused on what I want to get done daily. Every three months Linda Kaminski would have us write down our goals and what we wanted to accomplish with shows and sponsoring!  I still have most of my goal sheets to this day!

I remember Linda asking me WHY am I building my business, and I knew the answer right away! I wanted to have kids, and my dream was to be a stay at home mom while working from home someday in a lake house. My daughter is now 17 years old, and we have owned our lake home for 6 years this month! My vision was to be able to design my day by working when I wanted to and do the things I love to do, such as garden, exercise, go to lunch with friends, be there for all my daughter’s school activities. I remember the day I was helping as my daughter’s Brownie Leader and I was so full of gratitude and realized I was living my dream!

A job like no other

What job can you have where you get paychecks for helping others (Paychecks from the heart). This is what L’BRI is all about, the more customers you help with their skin care and cosmetics, the more you get paid. The more consultants you help to have successful businesses, the more you get paid! Knowing that we together as a team have impacted other people’s lives is a fantastic feeling! Building a team is like planting a garden because the more you plant, the bigger the garden grows and multiplies!

What job gives you a place to meet forever friends, free training, incredible travel incentives, extra $ incentives such as Show Me the MONEY, L’BRI’s host program, and Be Your Own Host so we can earn all these benefits as well. The list goes on how L’BRI’s programs are above and beyond any company out there!

One of my favorite things in my biz is to see others succeed and achieve the personal growth they never thought they could!  As the saying goes, “The more you work on yourself, the more the money will hunt you down!”

Seek and find support in many places

Promoting to DOUBLE DIAMOND would not have been a reality without many special people around me!

I want to, first of all, thank my incredible parents for instilling an unstoppable work ethic in me and the love they had for their family. My husband Tom, his love, and for always being there to help, cook, clean, do the bills, yard work as well as being there for Sylvia and myself!  My gratitude from my heart to my Sylvia for being that beautiful sparkle in my life! Thank you to my entire Italian family, especially my siblings! Thank you to Linda and Brian for putting up with me and paving the way with this company and being there for me through the building years and beyond!

Thank you to my team and all the inspiration you have given me! Thank you to all the Executives who are rockin’ this DREAM BUILDER’S team! Thank you to Lynn Poynter, Laurie Langill, Lin Ragle, and all the dedicated people at our home office. I can’t thank all of you enough!

Let your heart lead the way

After 21 years of working L’BRI I am still as excited and motivated as I was when I started. I feel the road to success is having that unbreakable determination, believe in yourself (personal growth) your WHY, creating a DREAM BOARD, staying consistent, staying away from negative people, being the best student you can be, work with your leaders and never ever give up on your dream to build your L’BRI business!

It is true – WHY NOT YOU? Why not YOU becoming an Executive Manager with a new NISSAN, earning trips, $10,000 or more a month in income? It’s all there just waiting for you!

Truly Grateful,

Gina LaGalbo


P.S. Work from your HEART, not your head!