Policy update – redeeming L’BRI Credits

It’s very easy to earn L’BRI credits through our generous host rewards program, but it’s also important to redeem those credits! To that end, we have updated our guidelines to more clearly explain the process of awarding credits and their expiration dates. It’s important to note that L’BRI credits must be redeemed prior to the expiration date, as they are not available through the expiration date.

For example, when a Show is closed the host is awarded booking or reward credits which are then available for 365 days following the date awarded. If a credit shows an expiration date of August 1, that credit needs to be redeemed prior to August 1.

More information about this process can be found in these updated documents in your Business Center. You’ll also find information here about selecting the monthly host bonus for your host.

Closing a Show Step-by-Step with FAQs

Helpful Reminders and Guidelines for Shows

Show closing dates and host bonuses

Did your host want the June host bonus, but wasn’t ready to close until July 3? You’re in luck! You have 7 days during the following month in which two host bonus options will be available: You can choose from the month before or the current month.

When we share the host bonus with customers, we always remind them to close their Shows in the month for that featured host bonus. However, for Shows held at the end of the month, we understand that you might need some time to get the last couple of orders in.

Additional information can be found in your Business Center and Learning Center. If you have any questions about closing a show or redeeming L’BRI credits, contact us at