Answering questions about seals

We wanted to provide an update on a topic we’ve heard about from consultants and customers about the seals on a handful of products. Some products are releasing their seals too easily, while others are not releasing their seals easily enough.

These occurrences are related to adjustments that were made by our suppliers to address the many challenges of operations during the pandemic. While we are not completely satisfied with the current seals, they are functioning as expected and are helpful in preventing leakage during shipping.

Too loose?

Products affected:

Natural Radiance Body Scrub

Soothing Bath Soak

Some customers have been concerned when they open their product and their seals are not attached to the jars, giving the appearance of being “unsealed.” In reality, the seal is doing its job until the jar is opened and the cap has been removed. Please assure customers that the product inside is not affected and is shipped directly from our warehouse. Their product is fresh and they are the first ones to open it!

 Too tight?

Products affected: Body Butter

Other products have been using a new type of material that results in a very tight seal that is more difficult to remove than expected. Ideally, we would like these to be opened with significantly less effort, but also value the function of the seal. We would advise customers who are experiencing a difficult seal to very carefully release it using a scissors or household knife, and to remove it completely if they choose.

Exploring other options

As we continue to work with our suppliers to explore the seal options, we appreciate your patience in working with customers. Mainly, to assure them that their products are fresh, safe and that the seal’s primary function is to prevent leaks during shipping. Any replacement products are likely to result in a similar experience when they open it.

New look for serum bottles

Soon we’ll be sharing our new catalog and everything exciting inside. We’re able to share a small glimpse at one of the upcoming changes that you may have seen already.

Based on feedback about the durability of the gold band, we moved to an all-black cap and band for our three anti-aging serums: Dermaplex A, Time Erase and Maxifirm. The first to be stocked with this all-black look is the Time Erase. The other serums will transition to that look as we move through our current inventory. Remind customers that the packaging may vary, but that the product inside is the formula they have been enjoying from their last order.

Freshener bottles moving to no-spray caps

To ensure a better application of our Freshener, we will be transitioning Freshener bottles from a spray bottle, to a bottle with a cap. Once the new bottles arrive, we will no longer offer the spray pump separately in the shopping cart. We anticipate the transition to be complete sometime in August. Please remind customers that the best way to apply our Freshener is with a cotton pad to complete the cleansing process.


If you have any questions about the packaging or availability of various products, please contact us at