Have you ever wondered why some promotions begin or end when they do? The answer is simply that the L’BRI server is located on the east coast and is set to Eastern Time. For most transactions, you might not even notice the system time.  But transactions that are date sensitive must be submitted before 12:00 a.m. Eastern Time. Orders placed after 12:00 a.m Eastern Time are dated for the following day.

Orders that contain products with “special” sale prices or limited availability may be affected. Orders that are counted toward Show incentives, including the Monthly Host Bonus, Booking Rewards, Show Me the Money, as well as VIP Coupons, may also be affected.

Please remember that high-volume periods (the end of the month, or end of sales or qualification periods) may result in system delays. If you place an order just before the 12:00 a.m. Eastern Time cutoff, additional processing could delay your order for up to 15 minutes. This could result in missed sale prices, product or host bonuses, commissions, promotions or bonuses, product or Show specials and Bonus Programs.

We recommend working well ahead of these busy periods whenever possible so any system delays can be resolved without disappointment.